Guillaume Corneille


Cornelius van Beverloo was born in 1922 in Liège (Belgium) from Dutch parents.  After leaving school, he studied drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts of Amsterdam from 1940 to 1943. As a painter, he is self-taught.
His first exhibition was held in 1946 in Groningen, the Netherlands, together with the artists of the Dutch experimental group Reflex.

Together with Karel Appel, Asger Jorn, Dotremont and Constant, Corneille participated in the creation of the COBRA group in 1948 in Paris.  Many other artists, poets and architects have joined the group, including Swedish artists C.-O.  Hultén, Anders and Max Walter Svanberg Österlin.

ornelius was inspired in his work of many trips around the world to create new works.  His frequent trips to Africa have greatly enriched his art, and it is during these stays on this continent that has developed his predilection for African art.

Cornelius is a great collector of African sculptures and masks.  Since its inception in Groningen there are more than half a century, Corneille participated in hundreds of exhibitions at galleries and museums around the world.